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Cost Savings

Let's be honest, the main reason businesses are moving to VoIP services is to save money. We have been VoIP users since day one. In fact, we were one of the first companies to move clients to VoIP in Lexington back when. VoIP can absolutely save your organization money.


I know we just talked about this under features, but really, mobility is one the best features (in our opinion) for moving to VoIP. Imagine sitting poolside with your laptop and answering business calls. Awesome right?


The other reason companies move to VoIP is the feature sets. For example, do you want to ditch those desk phones and make calls from your business line on your cell phone? Auto Attendant? IVR? Yea, we can do that.
Once again, because we are flexible in our approach to technology, we have mulitple solutions to choose from. We do not do any kind of vendor lockin. We use what fits best.

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