Managed IT Services

Fixed Monthly Rate

Our support contracts are a fixed monthly rate - we don't nickle and dime you for every phone call. We actually want to talk to you! With a fixed monthly rate, you can easily budget for your IT just like you would commercial insurance or a utility. Think of us as technology insurance!

No Time Blocks

If you have an IT problem, you need it fixed - you don't want to hear that you are out of pre-determined hours for the month. Call us anytime you need us during business hours without any worries about "using up your time." You can even call us after hours (but that costs extra).

No Long Term Contracts

We look at our clients like we look at any other kind of relationship - if we're not a good fit for each other, we don't want you to feel stuck in a long-term contract. (It's not fair to either of us.) 

If it isn't working out, just let us know. No counseling required.
We only offer one support plan but it is tailored to your organization. All or nothing, baby. Why? Because if we are responsible for your company's productivity, continuity, and security; we are going to do it right. We don't bandaid and we're not just a computer repair shop. We want what is best for you, and us.

Ready to chat and grab a beer?

Reach Out To Us
We're the IT people you'd want to have a beer with. Seriously, we are geeks but we also take a personable approach to technology.
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