MyGeek Technologies serves as your local IT department. Located in Lexington, North Carolina and serving the greater Triad area. Founded in 2010 by Adam Sewell, a graduate of Catawba College, who has spent over 12 years in the Information Technology industry. We feel that our unique difference is that we strive to become part of your organization. Meaning, that we take your specific organization and tailor a unique solution to your project and budget. We do not have a cookie cutter mold for our clients.

With multiple certifications on our books and many years of experience in dealing with the overly complex HIPAA, FERPA, and PCI compliance laws, we feel that any project is a problem waiting to be solved. As we said, we do not have a cookie cutter mold. No two organizations are a like. What works best for a non-profit client may not work best for a multi-million dollar corporation. We tailor the solution to you.

Our services will provide your organization with both on-site and remote IT support, coupled with the latest technology to protect your systems from viruses, spam and phishing attacks. This will make your organization run faster and be much more reliable. For our academic clients, we provide the protection that your students need while also maintaining a learning environment that will allow their academic endeavors to flourish.