Co-Managed IT Services

Fixed Monthly Rate

Just like our regular 'ol managed services, our co-managed services is not much different. We charge a fixed monthly rate, no hidden fees, and certainly no nickel and diming you to death. We are just here to help your existing team.

Keep Your Existing Network and Software

Have I mentioned we're flexible in our solutions? We have many clients who already have an existing IT department that we just provide level 1 or level 2/3 support services for. We can adjust our plans depending on your organizations needs. 

No Long Term Contracts

We look at our clients like we look at any other kind of relationship - if we're not a good fit for each other, we don't want you to feel stuck in a long-term contract. (It's not fair to either of us.)

If it isn't working out, just let us know. No counseling required.
Just like our managed IT services, we can work with an existing IT person or department. Have I said we're easy to get along with? We can offer just support or our full stack of software and support to organizations that already have infrastructure and personnel in place.

Ready to chat and grab a beer?

Reach Out To Us
We're the IT people you'd want to have a beer with. Seriously, we are geeks but we also take a personable approach to technology.
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