Cyber Security

Managed Antivirus

We only use what we considered to be the best for our clients so flashy sales tactics and the "latest and greatest" don't really persuade us. We've been doing this a long time, and we know what works. Our goal is to keep your organization safe.


We've said this once, we've said this many times. You can replace software, you can replace hardware and you can even replace people. But you can not replace data. We take great strides in protecting your data both onsite and offsite. Files, system images, and email; all are backed up and safe.

Spam and Email Filtering

There is a fine line between security and usability. Spam, phishing, and malware are all moving targets when it comes to email. We utilize reputable partners in the industry to classify and prevent those sketchy emails.
We do not skimp on the cyber security aspect of technology. In fact, we bake it right into all of our clients contracts, no if ands or buts. It's just our standard way of doing business.

These services are not all that's included in our support contracts. We can't tell our competitors everything we do for our clients.

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