Cloud and Data Center

Cloud Services

The cloud is a fancy way of saying, someone elses servers. The cloud isn't for every business either, that's why we don't push it to each client. Only when it makes sense. Azure, Google, Amazon or all of the above. We've got you covered.


No matter if your need is public or private cloud, we take great strides to keep the data in the cloud secured and protected.

Data Center

We also have our own data center in which we host servers, services, and more in for ourselves and our clients. Sometimes private clouds make more sense than the public cloud. Again, it just depends on the need and situation. Either way, we have the tool at our disposal.
Remember, the cloud is a very broad term and can mean something different to everyone. The market is definately moving more and more to cloud services but there is also situations where local and onsite is needed. That's why we are flexible in our solutions. We use what's best for you.

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