Scams, Spam, and Green Eggs - New Series

Posted by Adam Sewell on 4/21/24

There's no doubt about it these days, computers and their users are under constant attacks. There are generally two types of attacks, in simple terms; the technical side, which would be a program on a computer and the other being human attacks (social engineering), which would be a scam or phishing attack to try and steal credentials, credit card information or personal information (PII).

There exists lots and lots of way to counter or prevent the technical attacks such as firewalls, two-factor authentication, anti-virus or endpoint detection and response solutions (EDR), spam filtering, and more and more. You can inadvertently throw a lot of money at technical solutions in the cyber security space. And when it comes to the human side of things, the absolute BEST defense against social engineering is training and education. In technology, it all comes back to the human side.

So, this is probably a great time to announce a new video series that we're going to start called "Scams, Spam, and Green Eggs" where we record our interactions with different scams and interactive phishing attempts. Yes, we're going to call the numbers in those in those fake invoices that you get in your email, or those fake "your computer is infected" popups that play loud alarms and want you to call them.

The plan is to post once a week, every Thursday, a new episode with a different scam. We'll post the the brief here and embed the video from our YouTube channel. This is one of our favorite things to do in the office so we're going to record it!

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