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Redundant Internet Connections And Small Business

It's that time of year again! It's Winter! Snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain, bad drivers, and our sudden reminder of just how reliant we are on power, Internet access and our other utilities. It's really not even just during Winter, all areas of the world have natural disasters. As reliant as we are on our […]

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Governmental Regulations and IT - The fun stuff!

Its no secret that the IT industry is very unregulated and in so many ways, I am thankful that it's not however it does present some interesting dilemma that other service based industries do not often see. For example, just about anyone can say "I'm an IT professional" or "My cousin's son is a wiz […]

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Professional Ethics in the Technology Era

In today's technology era we, as technology professionals, have access to sensitive and critical data but also very personal data. We have the ability to access emails, view what is on your screen, read your email, and the list goes on. Basically, if you can perform any task on a computer, there are at least […]

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Why Bandwidth Speed Is Not A Performance Indicator

I know we're not the only computer repair shop or IT provider that consistently receives tickets regularly which go a little something like this. "My computer keeps getting kicked off of (insert stable sensitive application) but all of the other devices in my house are fine and I have the fastest Internet available by my […]

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