Complete Business Care: Managed IT Services

What is Complete Business Care?

This is our all inclusive package of managed information technology support including Network Care, Server Care, and Help Desk Support.

What kind of business would this managed IT support be best suited for?

This service is best suited for just about any client that wants one company to handle every aspect of their IT support. Purchasing, management, maintenance, backups, antivirus, the whole nine yards. We work with companies as small as four users to companies as large as 400.

What should I expect from your outsourced IT support?

First, let’s define two phrases. Average First Response Time  and Average Resolution Time. Average first response time is how long it takes us to respond to a user submitted ticket whereas the average resolution time is how long it takes us to actually resolve a ticket. We work very diligently to keep both of these numbers low as we feel that this is a prime indicator of how we  value our customers.

  • Average First Response Time (2019): 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Average Resolution Time (2019): 13 hours 6 minutes

To break this down, the majority of our tickets are resolved in under 24 hours. How many tickets have you opened to wait for days to hear back?

What would managed IT services like this cost me?

Since every business is different, different people, different solutions in place, different line of business applications, we do not have a price for managed IT services that we can quote sight unseen. We can however, come in and do a survey of your network and give you an estimate of what it would cost for us to manage your network. One thing to keep in mind, we’re not your average MSP. We utilize open source technology when possible which reduces our overhead and we pass that on to you, our customer.

Also important to note. Our pricing is a fixed monthly rate plus, we do not generally offer long term contracts unless specifically requested. We have clients that have been with us on thirty day contracts for 10 years.

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